Photo by José Martín Ramírez C on Unsplash

You ever feel like there’s more to your life, more to you than you’re aware of?
It’s like no matter how much growth I achieve, I still feel like something is missing.
It’s not so much a void, but more like I’m out of wack.
I’m off balance, I can’t quite find my center.

I feel blocked,
Like deep down inside my soul is screaming out,
And I know it’s screaming,
But for some reason I can’t hear what it’s saying,
Like no matter how hard I try,
I don’t know what to make of it,
But I know that whatever it is,
It’s the very thing I need,
To gain the highest level of clarity in my life.

It’s telling me exactly who I am and exactly what I need to do
But I can’t hear it, I can’t hear me.
I feel stuck, like I’m lost in limbo, floating,
trying to grasp something, trying to anchor down.

And every time I think I’m in reach
I somehow fall short
and once again
I’m adrift
Just floating
That one day that thing that’s in me will become so heavy it
Anchors me
And I can finally
Walk freely.

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