Creative Collaboration: Some Tips

    As discussed in the last post, creative collaboration can be fearful at first but I encourage everyone to get over it and take the leap. Make sure to check out Creative Collaboration for the full story.

    As promised, here are some tips that I think are crucial for having a great collaboration experience:

    Divergent Thinking

    Divergent thinking is a method  used to develop creative ideas by exploring many possibilities. It is a spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear way of thinking. Don’t limit yourself or your partner. You may enter with an idea already in mind but be open. Have an uninhibited brainstorming session and just let the ideas flow, even if they don’t exactly tie in with your original vision.

    The Wet Blanket

    What ever you do, don’t throw a wet blanket on people’s ideas. When someone says an idea that you don’t like or doesn’t work, first acknowledge what’s good about it, then pose concerns about why you don’t think the idea is a good fit. You can get the person to see your side without offending them.


    In any relationship there has to be a level of trust and strong sense of openness. No one should be afraid to share an idea no matter how over the top or lack luster it is. Create a safe environment where even the dumbest ideas are respected.

    You’re Not Stuck

    Know that walking away is o.k. If it’s obvious that both sides have very different visions and are on two different pages creatively don’t be afraid to cut out. Don’t get stuck in a toxic situation and potentially ruin a good relationship. Respectfully say your peace and detach.


    Define eveyrone’s role upfront and be clear on two things, everyone’s responsibiltites /contributions and next steps. At the end of every meeting know who’s doing what and set deadlines so there’s never any confusion later on.


    Last but certainly not least, COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Keep all parties in the loop about everything and never assume anything.

    There’s so much more that can be added to this list, but I think this is a good foundation.

    What are some things you employ to make sure your collaborations go smoothly?

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