“In A Cookie Cutter World Be A Macaron…”

    The Blair Waldorfs of the World…

    I am secretly (not so secret actually) obsessed with Gossip Girl and the Blair Waldorfs of the world. Her drive, ambition, and determination to get things done (whether good or bad) always inspired me. I sat watching a scene of her eating a huge box of macarons and thought to myself, “I have to be like Blair, I have to eat macarons too”. In my eyes, those sweet little cookie things represented a person who was poised, sophisticated, and accomplished. I wanted to be those things. I wanted to be Blair Waldorf, so I told myself first chance I get I have to have a macaron. The funniest thing about all of this is that, at the time, I had no idea where to get one and wouldn’t end up having my first macaron until the age of 25. I was in high school when gossip girl consumed my life.

    My First Time…

    The first time I laid eyes on one, I couldn’t believe it. Here they were, right in front of me. I remember buying a small box of six and carrying them home as delicately as these NYC streets would allow. I prayed the entire way that I would love them. Here’s a little background about Quin: I’m not a sweets person. Cake, cookies, and all that jazz do not excite me and too much sugar gives me a headache. So while the idea of eating a gigantic box of macarons was super appealing, I really hoped that they would live up to the hype I created in my head. How bummed out I would be if I actually disliked them. My dream of being just like B.W. would fade away forever.
    I opened the box so slowly and nervously picked one up. I know how silly this must sound but I was literally scared to take a bite. Of course I did and found that they tasted nothing like I expected. I’m not really sure what I thought they would taste like. I got through all 6 and realized they weren’t that great. I told myself I would try again, and next week bought more.
    This time I was actually a little impressed. I soon realized that no two macarons are created equal. By no means am I a macaron expert but here are my top flavors:

    Flavors I love:

    Red Velvet
    Strawberry (many variations)
    Love Rocks (a specialty flavor from WOOPS)

    Some places I like:

    Lafayette Bakery
    Hudson Market
    Whole Foods
    Drop your favorite flavor(s) and/or store(s) below.
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