Positive Vybz Only…

    You are the company you keep, so surround yourself with people who make you better.

    It takes a village. If you aren’t familiar with this saying then let me break it down. It’s said that a child has a better chance of becoming a healthy and fully capable adult, if the entire community takes an active role in his/her upbringing. We aren’t talking about children in this post, but I wanted to take this proverb and put a new spin on it. When you have big dreams and goals, sometimes the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who want more for you, than you do. People who bring nothing but positive energy into your space.

    Self-doubt and self-imposed limitations are crippling and detrimental to your future.

    When you don’t believe in yourself, your dreams die and you go on to live a life of “what-ifs”, and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. Having the right friend(s) or support system can make a big difference. All you really need is one person who’s going to push and pull you, even when you think all is lost. Lucky for me, my support system is huge (and so is yours). Support can come from classmates, co-workers, that random lady on the bus and the list goes on.

    When you talk about your goals with people, they’re naturally interested. Most of them want to see you succeed, even the ones who hardly know you. Why? Because people feed off of good energy. You may be on the fence about launching a new product, a career change, or a new fitness goal, but talking about it and hearing positive feedback makes you feel good inside. It makes you think positively, motivating you to get things done. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t take you or your goals seriously, then get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. There are tons of other people out there who would love to be your cheerleader.

    When you lack confidence, it’s your village that will get you through.

    Your village will prop you up, and your village will inspire you until you’re able to inspire yourself. My friends and family make me want to be great. They speak so highly of me, even when I feel like I don’t deserve it. Their words play over and over in my head until their words eventually become my own.

    Find your village. Let them fuel you, and use that as your foundation to build your own beliefs. We are our worst critics.

    Behind every great person is another great person motivating them along.

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