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    It’s no secret that film is my passion, alongside writing and traveling. Films have always influenced the places I want to visit and explore. Some were actually filmed in the places they inspired, while others were filmed in other countries and made to look the part.

    Travel bucket List:

    1. CubaFast and Furious 8: The Fate of the Furious
    2. GreeceMamma Mia / Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    3. Dubai/Abu DhabiSex and the City 2 (actually filmed in Morocco as Abu Dhabi) / Fast and furious 7
    4. South AfricaThe Color of Friendship / Sarafina
    5. JapanFast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
    6. ChinaMemoirs of a Geisha
    7. ThailandHangover Part II
    8. IndiaSlumdog Millionaire
    9. SpainGossip Girl (Not a movie but one of my favs)
    10. FranceAmelie / Madeline /Chocolat / Moulin Rouge
    11. LondonLuther (Also not a movie but another one of my favs) / The Holiday / Bend it like Beckham
    12. BrazilFast and Furious 5 (Wasn’t filmed in Brazil but took place there in the movie; it still sparked my interest)
    13. Puerto RicoFast and Furious 5  (was used as back drop for Brazil)


      Of Course more countries have made the list but these beauties are at the top. I’ve already crossed off Cuba (Click here to read all about it), Dubai is booked for April 2018, and Puerto Rico may be up next. What countries made your travel list?

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