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    “You Really Should Value Yourself More…”

    INT. INTERVIEW ROOM – DAY CHARISSE is sitting at a large table, across from TIM. She has a folio open in front of her and a pen in her hand. Tim is overlooking her resume intensely, glancing up at…


    Creative Collaboration: Some Tips

    As discussed in the last post, creative collaboration can be fearful at first but I encourage everyone to get over it and take the leap. Make sure to check out Creative Collaboration for the full story. As promised, here…


    Creative Collaboration

    Like a dope piece of art, many things combine to create something magical! What does it mean to be a CREATIVE? I’ve struggled for a long time to define myself as such, and as a result got a late…

  • Good Reads

    QQ Favs: Personal Development Books

    It’s no secret that I love to read. I’m often asked what’s my favorite genre, or what are some of my favorite books. I always struggle to answer. I love books of all kinds and refuse to box my…

  • Key Habits Matter

    Key Habits Matter

    In a world full of distractions, many people struggle with staying focused and increasing productivity. Unfortunately I’m one of those people.  In the last few years I’ve tried many different things to help keep me focused and on track.…